Muscle Growth
Strength Training

Austin Perrault


Growing up I was always a huge fan of athletics, but loved sports and being active so much I could never choose just one. Throughout high school I got involved in as many different sports and activities as possible, from soccer, rugby, and basketball, to wrestling, track and field, and hitting the weight room. My love for being an all around athlete finally led me to trying out the sport of obstacle racing in 2014 which completely changed my lifestyle. Since then I have competed in close to 100 different events including a couple world championship level events in 2017 and 2019. I initially took on the path of personal training, graduating from NAIT’s PFT program with honors in 2021, with the hopes of aiding myself in this very competitive sport, which quickly turned to me becoming a huge fan of coaching others. I now continue this path working towards some certifications through CSEP and Spartan Race to further increase my knowledge in the field of fitness and obstacle course racing.