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Joshua Bridger


Why hello there! I’m Joshua Bridger and welcome to my adventure! If you’d like to learn a little about me, feel free to read on! So what drew me to Personal Training, why did I get into it? Most of my life I've been a pretty health conscious person, and interested in how a person could take care of themselves as holistically as possible. Like most people, I had an on-again-off-again relationship with the gym, but I've been inconsistently consistent over the years. Before I became a trainer, I'd be at the gym and see Personal Trainers with their clients, and think, "I could do better". I look back on that now and realise how wrong I was and how little I actually knew about exercise in comparison to what I know now. But I think I had those "I could do better" thoughts because I was interested in being a Personal Trainer. It wasn't until a few dramatic events happened in my life that I finally decided to give this Personal Training thing a shot. In 2018 I got my Certification, and soon after I was somehow lucky enough to end up at a small gym called Exist Fitness. My first Personal Training job. I've learned so much over the years and I'd say my training style has changed drastically from when I first started. Nearly everyday I'm learning about health, fitness and exercise. Always trying to improve myself as a trainer so I can serve my clients the best way possible, catering to what they need most - whether that's lifting heavy, doing correctional or mobility exercises, or just going for a walk on a bad day - is what I'm here for. I'm not perfect, and I don't expect my clients to be either. I won't promote beating yourself up in the gym 6 days a week in an attempt to reach your goals. Helping you have a healthy relationship with exercise, with the right training and right dose, that will keep you strong and successful in the long run, is my ultimate goal.