How Does 24 Hour Gym Access Benefit You?

Even back when Chop Shop Physiques was merely a construction zone full of sawdust and unpacked equipment, we knew that all-day access was going to be a main part of how our gym operated and grew. Though it's certainly not a new concept, it was imperative to our mission as a streamlined, accessible gym that our facilities remain open to our members throughout the day/week/month/etc.

24/7 access has its obvious benefits, but its largest pro is the flexibility of working with our members schedules:

For Workers

The 9-5ers, the early morning workers and the night-shift gym goers all have work schedules that they typically have to juggle. Fitness becomes a backburner topic very easily. Being able to go before your shift, during your lunch break or in the late hours of the night means that you can prioritize you and your body, regardless of your job.

For Students

Highschool and college students have packed lives. A regular workout schedule is imperative to staying healthy, and it's almost impossible to do when you have early morning classes, studying and often balancing a job as well. 24/7 access means that the one part of your day that doesn't have a "set time" can benefit your body and mind.

For "Out Of Towners"

When you work away and are only in town for a while, it's easy to simply give up on attending the gym. Sometimes the middle of the night is the only time you have to focus on you. For the fitness enthusiast out-of-towners, 24/7 gym access can be the difference between getting your reps in vs. giving it up entirely.

For Introverts

Us introverts need to stick together... or actually... Sometimes going to the gym, especially during the busy hours can be very intimidating. Even the most welcoming gyms can be a lot to handle when it's busy. Introverts can rejoice with the ability to go early mornings or late evenings, or surprisingly right around noon to enjoy more space and time to workout without a crowd.

24/7 gym access has become a staple expectation for gym-goers for many reasons. If you don't have a gym membership yet, sign up today and get access in moments ->

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